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Accelerate FinTech Partnerships with API Integration

Through Application Programming Interface (API) integration, financial institutions can accelerate their business by taking back control over third-party vendors, their banking core, and the consumer experience. 

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Migrating to Activate Enterprise

Keeping up with hardware and software upgrades provides financial institutions with the most secure, seamless experiences for consumers. Some vital updates are just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning migration now.

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Goodbye Out-of-Wallet Questions. Hello Verified Calls.

Hear from financial institutions on how digital ID authentication reduced fraud and shortened call times. Authenticate your consumers whenever you interact - call centers, in person, video tellers, and online.  

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Appointment Management Strategy & Best Practices

Discover best practices and learn what to look for when choosing an appointment management solution. Explore multiple user perspectives and end the session with a quick dive into a live demo of what consumers and staff will see when booking.

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Skimming: How It Is Evolving & How to Safeguard ATMs

There has been a recent increase in ATM skimming attacks even with anti-skimming technology already installed in ATMs. This webinar will help you learn about these attacks and what you can do to help protect your ATMs.

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Elevate Your Members' Digital Journey

The power to scale and innovate has become an industry signature and is more important than ever for the future of the credit union movement. Designing a dynamic digital strategy and journey is top of mind for leaders across the globe.

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ATM Security

Staying One Step Ahead of ATM Attacks

ATM physical attacks have been on the rise targeting Front Access Drive-Up ATMs. This type of attack averages 5 minutes onsite and involves using a vehicle with a hook and chain to force open the ATM safe door and access the cash.

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The Power of Knowing Without Asking:

The Power of Knowing Without Asking

Do your consumers feel like a stranger when they walk into a branch? Are you able to identify who they are—without asking—when they contact your call center? With id-go, consumers can create one digital identity to use across channels.

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Modern Application Integrations Simplified

Many banking cores are comprised of legacy technology that has evolved over the course of decades. Often, this starts as a simple ledger and expands into a suite of applications. While originally intended to meet the needs of the consumers, this often results in a limited and inflexible solution.

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Digital-First Service: Reinvent how you support consumers

A game-changing approach to modernizing how you provide customer service. Make any live interaction with customers and members simple and easy—bringing the in-branch experience to your call center, website, mobile app, and more.

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Touchless Self-Service at the ATM - Part 1

Touchless Self-Service at the ATM - Part 1

Self-service went from being popular operational alternatives to the primary transactional platform to enable financial institutions to continue thriving in trying times. Self-service tools and consumer experience in a pandemic environment.

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Hyosung Webinar Part 2

Touchless Self-Service at the ATM - Part 2

Learn more about touchless and antimicrobial solutions to ensure safety in a pandemic environment. Customers and members can autheticate at the ATM using QR codes, mobile staging, NFC, facial authentication, and palm vein.                                                         

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Social Distance Banking: Adapting to the New Norm

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, financial institutions have been tested to quickly adapt to the “social distancing” norm by providing banking services via self-service and remote channels and putting proper distance measures in place to keep their employees, members and customers safe.

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Operational Efficiencies: Contactless Technologies

Focused on three technologies that will help improve operational efficiencies as you phase back into reopening and the best approach you should take to expand services to new segments, reduce cost of compliance, and increase business agility.

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NCR Updates: Industry News & Software Subscription Service

Join us for an exclusive update with NCR where you'll have the opportunity to hear and learn the important industry and banking updates from NCR executives on the pandemic's impact on traditional banking, branch strategy principles ant the value in subscription service.

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Remote Branch Security: Monitoring Remote Locations

This webinar addresses concerns around branch and ATM security to help lessen the impact of COVID-19 consequences in the event of branch closure or when restricted access for on-site personnel is demanded. Learn about the best practices on monitoring and keeping your branches safe. 

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Windows 7 ESU Program: Everything You Need to Know

On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will officially end support of Windows 7. Microsoft is offering an Extended Security Updates (ESU) program as an interim step on the path to Windows 10. Through the optional ESU program you will have access to updates that address critical and important security issues.

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Digital Banking: Keeping Consumers Connected to You

It is estimated that by the year 2020, 80% of banking consumers will be using mobile banking. Now is the time to get updated on the latest technologies and breakthroughs in the digital banking world. Learn how financial institutions can use technology to interact with their consumers throughout their day.

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ATM Skimming Webinar Video Image

ATM Security: Skimming Attacks on the Rise

There has been a recent increase in ATM skimming attacks even with anti-skimming technology already installed in ATMs. These attacks are focused on installing skimming devices into the ATM card reader. This webinar will help you learn about these attacks and what you can do to protect your ATMs.

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ITM Strategy: Live interview with Gulf Coast Educators FCU

Traditional bank branches are evolving with advanced ITM technologies. A live interview with Gulf Coast Educators FCU to discuss how ITMs have allowed them to expand branch locations, grow assets, and increase transactions during extended hours with the use of innovative technologies.

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Biometrics in the Physical Channel

Biometrics in the Physical Channel

The latest trends to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. Since Apple first introduced Touch ID in 2013 and Face ID in 2017, the use of biometrics for identity authentication has become more mainstream and widely adopted in consumers' everyday lives. 

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Windows 10 Migration: Compliance and Security

Mandatory upgrades of your ATMs to Windows 10 in order to remain compliant and secure.  While this may seem far off, update costs will only increase as demand comes down to the wire. FTSI is here to help you start building your road map for Windows 10 migration and implementation by 2020.

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