Planning for Activate Enterprise Migration

Keeping up with hardware and software upgrades provides financial institutions with the most secure, seamless experiences for consumers.   

Some vital updates are just around the corner, and it’s time to start planning for hardware replacement and software migrations now.  

On the hardware side, support and maintenance for NCR’s 30 Series will be discontinued, so financial institutions should consider replacing them with the SelfServ 80 Series for smoother consumer experiences, continuing support, and modern aesthetics. 

  • Gain an understanding of the end-of-life implications for Edge and USN software and the 30-series hardware, and how to transition to the next evolution. 

  • Learn how Activate Enterprise provides greater simplicity and lower cost of ownership than traditional alternatives.

  • Understand how upgrading your hardware to the 80-series can increase operational efficiencies and protect against security threats. 

Join NCR’s Software Specialist Christian Pontalti and Channel Account Manager Charles Lee, as we discuss these coming hardware and software changes and what they mean for your fleet.  



 Charles Lee 
 Channel Account Manager, NCR


Christian Pontalti 
Software Specialist, NCR




Travis Hoban
Chief Technology Officer, FTSI