The Power of Knowing Without Asking:
Automated Identity Authentication with Mobile Biometrics

Do your customers or members feel like a stranger when they walk into a branch? Are you able to identify who they are—without asking—when they contact your call center? There is a fast and easy way to navigate today’s identity authentication process. With id-go, consumers can create one digital identity to use across channels and platforms.


Authenticate Across Channels


Join us for an insightful discussion moderated by Lisa Huertas, FTSI's Chief Strategy Officer. Our guest speaker, Seth Schaefer, President and CEO of Rivermark Community Credit Union, will share Rivermark’s journey on delivering the best-in-class member experience. Cozera's CEO and Founder, Abrar Ahmed, will speak about how id-go came together to deliver a secured and hassle-free experience. Learn about the use cases and benefits of id-go.

You will learn:

  • Rivermark's journey to solve the repetitive and impersonal identification process.
  • How id-go came together to deliver a secured and hassle-free experience. 
  • The uses cases and benefits of id-go and the feedback from consumers and employees. 



Lisa Huertas Headshot seth-1 Abrar-1

Lisa Huertas

Chief Strategy Officer


Seth Schaefer

President and CEO

Rivermark Community CU

Abrar Ahmed

CEO and Founder