What’s the Number One Way to Ensure Your ATMs Will be Serviced Fast?

Install Vaults with Centralized Access like TRACcess.

FTSI has the highest ATM uptime in the industry, but if you’re using vaults with several sets of physical keys instead of having them in a central location, like TRACcess vaults do, there’s no guarantee that your ATMs can be repaired in a timely manner. Beyond increasing your uptime, TRACcess vaults are attack resistant and allow for wireless access by a TRACcess key that provides a real-time audit trail. Some features include:

traccess vault

TRACcess Lock

  • Audit Trail from Smartphone Key
  • Attack Resistant Armor & Locks
  • Easy install/Retrofit
  • Weather Resistance
  • Secure Wireless Communication

TRACcess Display Key

  • Every Access Automatically Tracked
  • Both Wireless and Standard Contact Based
  • Active Authorization – Key holder must have current valid PIN code to open vault
  • Easy Communications – Simply place the key in the cradle to operate and upload data and permissions

Why cost yourself service headaches later when you can save today? Get these great security products from FTSI.

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