What’s New with APTRA Edge 7.0

We always want to make sure you’re aware of the latest security advancements so I wanted to ensure you were up to date on everything the new release of Edge 7.0 offers. NCR’s APTRA Edge 7.0 now provides the most secure transaction software on the market and we’re encouraging you to take advantage of its new features which include:



  • The most secure version of NCR ATM Processing Software
  • Protection against logical attacks (including Man-in-the-Middle attacks)
  • Meets PA DSS 3.2 guidelines


  • Supports new versatile 80-series ATMs
  • Supports new monitor interaction with swiping and finger zooming functionality


  • New look with Welcome Idle Loop and Out of Service screens with date and time option
  • Enhanced functionality like the “Smart Loader” feature which improves start-up performance up to 50%
  • Software now packaged in convenient USB drive

As a reminder, no new features will be available for Personas ATM Models which NCR sunset in 2016. Similarly, no new features will be available for machines using Edge 4.0 and 3.015x as NCR only maintains basic support for them.

To get the most secure version of APTRA transaction software available and access these new features contact FTSI about upgrading to APTRA Edge 7.0 today!

Tags: Hardware