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FTSI customer UMe Credit Union wins gold award for point of sale marketing

At the awards ceremony for the Marketing Association of Credit Union’s conference last month, UMe Credit Union won the Gold Award (the highest in the category) for Point of Sale Marketing for custom ATM screens.

"We are proud of them and we also thank FTSI." said Robert Einstein, President & CEO of UMe Federal Credit Union.


Ume Credit Union

UMe Credit Union worked with FTSI to program their unique marketing screens enhancing the financial institution’s brand recognition and creating new opportunities to promote products and services.

FTSI’s custom marketing screens allow you to:

  • Brand your ATMs with custom backgrounds, buttons, receipt headers and more
  • Identify members and non-members and display specific advertising to each group
  • Announce new promotions to members
  • Cross-sell and up-sell products and services
  • Promote membership to non-members
  • Create revenue streams from third-party advertising and promotions
  • Announce news and information
  • Provide security and compliance messages

Learn more about FTSI's custom marketing screens.

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