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10 Steps to Windows 10 Migration for ATMs

The year 2020 will bring us many monumental events including the Summer Olympics, the next census, and a Presidential election....

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NCR has been made aware of intelligence from the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region which indicates that criminals have...

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Skimming Attacks are Going Deeper and Your Current Equipment Probably Can’t Stop Them

Skimming attacks are not a new threat to credit unions, but criminals responsible for a wave of new “Deep Insert Skimmers” in the...

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Advanced “Shimmer” Attacks Circumvent EMV Chip Protections

We have received reports of a new kind of skimming device that is designed to defeat EMV chip protections on ATMs.  It is being...

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What’s New with APTRA Edge 7.0

We always want to make sure you’re aware of the latest security advancements so I wanted to ensure you were up to date on...

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ATMs Not Rebooting? Expired Firmware May Be at Fault

If you have NCR ATMs that are locked in a constant reboot cycle, but won’t turn on the cause may be as simple as an expired...

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FTSI Chooses Vantiv for Debit, Credit and ATM Processing for its Financial Institution Partners

Agreement expands Vantiv’s distribution partnerships for reaching Financial Institutions 

Vantiv chosen for its deep payments...

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Introducing the SelfServ 80 Family of Premium ATMs

The NCR SelfServ 80 series is bringing financial institutions a range of through-the-wall, lobby, and drive-up ATMs with the...

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