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Stop the Spread of Germs: How to Properly Clean Your ATMs

Cleanliness is next to godliness, so they say. Well maybe not, but cleanliness will at least protect yourself and others from...

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Skimming Attacks are Going Deeper and Your Current Equipment Probably Can’t Stop Them

Skimming attacks are not a new threat to credit unions, but criminals responsible for a wave of new “Deep Insert Skimmers” in the...

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Advanced “Shimmer” Attacks Circumvent EMV Chip Protections

We have received reports of a new kind of skimming device that is designed to defeat EMV chip protections on ATMs.  It is being...

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ATMs Not Rebooting? Expired Firmware May Be at Fault

If you have NCR ATMs that are locked in a constant reboot cycle, but won’t turn on the cause may be as simple as an expired...

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Check out FTSI’s Article in CU Weekly on  “A Roadmap to Avoid ADA Fines”

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a great measure for ensuring equal access to buildings and services for all Americans, but...

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FTSI Hosts Webinar: “From Scams to Skimming: Protecting Your ATMs”

FTSI has launched its “3 for 30 Webinar Series” with “From Scams to Skimming: Protecting Your ATMs.” This series bring 3...

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ADA WARNING: Northern California FIs Hit with ADA Lawsuits

FTSI has learned that at least one credit union in Northern California has had a lawsuit filed against it for failing to meet the...

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FTSI Hosts NCR Webinar on EMV Readiness

The EMV chip is changing the face of card transaction security. But as with any widespread change, it comes with its own unique...

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