Time Falls Back Soon! Don’t Miss FTSI’s Special October Offer on Lighting Surveys

FTSI takes a proactive approach to Lighting Surveys and provides pass/fail recommendations to clients regarding AB244 light standards. Our goal is to help you provide a safe environment for your members.

It’s that time of year when the days are getting shorter and shorter. Are your ATMs, access areas and parking spaces providing sufficient light for your members at night? There should be enough light to allow safe passage to and from their vehicles, to safely approach and depart the ATM area, and to conduct each transaction safely and conveniently. Proper lighting is also an important part of crime deterrence, allowing members to see their surroundings and ensuring clear video surveillance of each transaction is intact.

Lighting SurveysThe FTSI Lighting Survey Solution

Our Lighting Surveys include:

  • Perform light meter readings at necessary points within the 50’ arc
  • Replace burned out or low lights
  • Determine light bulbs needed at each site and carry stock with technician*
  • Ensure all light timers and ballasts are working properly
  • Review any obstructions that may be blocking lights (trees, shrubs, signs, etc.)
  • Check for glare, shadow areas or light islands
  • Note any security concerns

*Must be a standards & compliance customer to receive this service.

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