L.A. Times features Visterra Credit Union - Video is personalizing customer service

More companies adding video to personalize online customer service

la-1930000-fi-video-mayday02-gmk-jpg-20140811"In a hurry on a sizzling July morning, Veronica Vallejos opted for the drive-through ATM at Visterra Credit Union in Moreno Valley. After pulling under a carport, she leaned out her window and found to her surprise, a screen lit up with Regina's smiling face.

"How can I help you today?" Regina, the teller, asked before she processed Vallejos' car loan payments and shared some laughs with her.

At a time when automated voices such as Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana respond to questions, customers often think Regina is just another video robot.

But Regina is a real teller, communicating with her customers from a cubicle hidden in an office a few feet away. From there, Regina will eventually be able to chat with customers at any of Visterra's five branches throughout the Inland Empire."

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