If You Want to Stop ATM Stereo Skimming Attacks You Need to Know How to Jam

Criminal tactics are constantly evolving to circumvent the latest security devices. In order to bypass new jamming measures designed to prevent card skimming, criminals are now using a process known as “Stereo Skimming.”

This new skimming tactic involves recording the frequency of the jamming signal and the credit card information signal and then filtering out the jamming signal to steal a user’s credit card information. If you want to avoid having your ATMs emptied by skimming attacks, you need a product like TMD’s Credit Card Protection Kit (CPK+) that uses multiple jammers to help prevent filtering.

stereo skimming

Skimming Results in a $2 Billion Dollar Yearly Global Loss and
the U.S. Leads the World in These Types of Attacks

TMD’s Card Protection Kit (CPK+) offers:

  • Proven protection against digital, analogue, and Stereo Skimming
  • Protection during and after attacks while leaving ATMs in
    service. Additionally, this is the only skimming protection
    available that allows DIP card readers to stay in service.
  • Multiple jamming signals to prevent filtering
  • Remote management and diagnostics with alerts
  • A proven track record with 300,000 units deployed
    globally including at HSBC, Citibank, and the
    Royal Bank of Scotland


Protect your ATMs before they’re attacked and save money in the process by taking advantage of TMD's Anti-Skimming Solutions!





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