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By Melissa Carroll, Marketing & Communications for FTSI. Originally Published in Perspectives Magazine: Volume 14, Issue 2, the Official Magazine of the Cornerstone Credit Union League. 

For Susan Napier, CEO and founder of Financial Technology Solutions International, Inc., the word “can’t” doesn’t exist in her vocabulary when looking for solutions to meet her customers’ needs. Napier founded FTSI and has achieved success in her career on the philosophy of replacing “can’t do it” with “how can we do it?”

Susan HeadshotThis ideology, along with Napier’s visionary leadership, has propelled FTSI to be a front-runner in the turnkey branch solutions for community financial institutions the past 20 years.

“We have found a lot of those ‘how’s’ the last 20 years,” said Napier. “We haven’t let anything be stagnant within the company, and we continue to grow and learn with our customers as we have from the beginning.”

Napier excels in customer service. She has extensive experience in customer service, as her career began in the hospitality industry. She set herself up for future success by propelling through a management program while working full-time and putting herself through school to earn her bachelor’s degree.

She made the bold decision to break out on her own after becoming dissatisfied when her career became stagnant. FTSI was crafted out of her home office in 1998, and with Napier’s unwavering determination and drive, the organization has grown into a leader in the financial technology solutions space.

“The key to starting a business was to have a good business plan, and always plan for Option B, if your Option A doesn’t work out,” said Napier.

Managing a startup had its challenges, especially as a female CEO in a male-dominated industry. “We failed fast in the beginning but succeeded quicker through our discovery over the years,” said Napier.

Napier’s perseverance paid off. FTSI has grown exponentially since its inception and now operates in the western and southern regions in the U.S. FTSI has continued to evolve in the technology space, offering more software solutions to help customers stay on the cutting edge of digital banking.

As the January 2020 deadline for ATMs to be upgraded quickly approaches, guiding customers through the Windows 10 migration is the primary focus for FTSI in 2019. FTSI will help financial institutions navigate this change to ensure they won’t become vulnerable to jack-potting or cyber-attacks or risk being out of PCI compliance without the upgrade.

To best serve her customers’ requests, Napier is always looking ahead to stay informed on the latest technology solutions. “I stay informed on what services FTSI should provide by going out to visit my customers and listening to their needs,” Napier said. “I always ask them the questions of what they need and where they want to be.”

As Napier looks to the future, her focus remains on providing the “how” solutions to best serve her customers. Credit unions have changed dramatically since Napier started FTSI, and she advises them to stay competitive by advancing their own technology as technology moves forward.

“Our main goal is always to provide what our customers need for their business,” said Napier. “They are the people we work hard to make happy by providing the solutions that are important to them.”

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