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Check out FTSI’s Article on “Terminator” and Baby Boomer Banking in ATM Marketplace

Rebooting movies is big business for one big reason: they appeal to the nostalgia of Baby Boomers who have money. ATM Marketplace, one of the foremost trade journals in the ATM industry, selected FTSI’s Baby Boomer banking piece for a recent issue because it explains how you can keep your Baby Boomer customers from telling you, “Hasta la vista, baby.”

atmterminator-robot-640.jpg__300x170_q85_crop.jpgIn this article, “What the “Terminator” Can Teach us about Baby Boomer Banking,” you’ll learn:

  • How to win over the 25% of Baby Boomers who are dissatisfied with their banks
  • The types of digital services that Boomers crave
  • How to provide the kind of engagement required to keep your existing Boomers

Don’t get terminated by your Baby Boomer customers. Keep an eye on our blogs and social media posts for the latest updates on this and other industry trends! 


Read the article: What the “Terminator” Can Teach us about Baby Boomer Banking


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