FTSI Technicians Stop Card Skimming Attack

Last week, FTSI alerted our customers that an Eastern European gang active in Northern California that had hit multiple ATMs cleaning out their entire supplies of cash. Then just 72 hours later, FTSI service technicians discovered a card skimming device (pictured below) on a customer’s machine and removed it.

These gangs typically insert card reader devices after 5 PM on Fridays to capture cardholders’ information during the high transaction volume that occurs over weekends. Then on Sunday evenings, they remove the devices and collect the information.

If Your ATM has been Targeted, Alert Authorities and then Contact FTSI’s Technicians for Assistance

Criminals are using advanced skimming overlays that are nearly identical to what you would find on the ATM card scanner. To see a demonstration of how the card skimmer works, and how products like the Skimming Protection Solution and Card Protection Kits can help stop the threat, click here to watch a video.

card skimming

If you believe your ATMs have been targeted:

  • Alert the authorities immediately
  • Do NOT attempt to remove the device yourself as gang
    members may be nearby and you may destroy evidence
  • Contact FTSI technicians to remove the device
  • Consider improving your ATM security with products like
    the Skimming Protection Solution and
    Card Protection Kits

Our technicians have had to work harder than ever to install
anti-skimming products and ensure customer ATMs are free
of tampering and we thank them for that!


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