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FTSI Retains Highest ATM Uptime in Industry for 2015

The numbers are in and ATMs maintained by FTSI in 2015 averaged 99.76% uptimes. That’s virtually the same as 2014. FTSI’s average response time for ATM service calls was also less than 1 hour and 17 minutes.

Why are these numbers crucial?

When your ATM stops working it lowers your revenue potential and hurts your brand. A reactive response leaves you waiting for technicians to diagnose the problem before they can even begin fixing it. FTSI’s proactive approach and preventive maintenance helps prevent problems before they start.

FTSI Averages Uptimes of 99.76%



With FTSI’s top of the line ATM service, you can be sure you’re getting the kind of quality service that will keep your customers happy. Here’s why you should choose FTSI maintenance:



  • Second-line technicians are NCR certified and can also service a range of ATMs including Diebold, Triton, Hyosung, and more
  • The majority of technicians have over 5 years experience
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance contributes to the highest uptimes in the industry (99.76% in 2015)
  • Average 2015 Response Time: Under 1 hour and 17 minutes



  • Free customer training with phone support is included in first-line maintenance package which means service issues are quickly identified or fixed
  • Second-line maintenance technicians ensure a rapid response that significantly minimizes downtime




* Offer expires December 31, 2016. (1) Free month of second line service offered per year under required purchase of 3 year service contract. Offer only valid for customers without existing FTSI service plan. Free conversion does not include the buy-out of contracts and Armored Car services. 

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