FTSI Offers $500 for Customer Referrals!

FTSI is offering a $500 credit to our current customers for each new customer they refer that does business with us.

$500 Credit for each Customer Referral

One thing financial institutions know better than anyone is how to save money. And right now, FTSI is helping you do that with a $500 credit to your account for every new customer you refer that does business with us. That’s free money!

customer referral

An extra $500 adds up in a hurry. That’s like getting:

  • A free digital signage media player
  • 5 hours of custom digital design work
  • 6 months of digital signage software service
  • 13 ATM ink cartridges
  • 16 rolls of ATM receipt paper, OR
  • Just apply that $500 to any other purchase!

And that’s just for one referral customer that makes a purchase. So if you want to make some easy cash, be sure to keep FTSI’s name handy with your network of colleagues.

**NOTE: $500 account credit can be used for any product or service. Referral credit only valid for customers new to FTSI and who successfully make a purchase. Credit offer is reusable for each new customer referred.

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