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FTSI Hosts Webinar: “From Scams to Skimming: Protecting Your ATMs”

FTSI has launched its “3 for 30 Webinar Series” with “From Scams to Skimming: Protecting Your ATMs.” This series bring 3 different expert speakers together for one presentation packed with actionable information.

"Losses rose 16% in 2015 to $366 Million” – European ATM Security Team statistics on ATM losses


The initial webinar was focused on protecting the ATM and featured TMD’s Tom Moore speaking about anti-skimming measures, Seyfarth Shaw Law Firm’s Chris Palamountain covering ADA concerns, and FTSI’s Jim Bernard highlighting physical security best practices.

The Protecting Your ATMs Webinar Answered Questions like:

  • What percentage do skimming attacks make up of the $2 Billion lost to ATM fraud annually?
  • Can you get protection that continues to allow ATMs to work even after a skimming attack?
  • Which facilities must be ADA compliant?
  • What auxiliary aids and services must be made available?
  • What are the physical reach requirements for ATMs?
  • How can you make sure your ATM cameras are most effective?

FTSI wants to help you protect your ATMs from every threat from physical attacks to ADA fines. FTSI recommends that you routinely inspect your ATMs to ensure that they are in compliance with all of the requirements mandated by Section 707 of the 2010 ADA Accessibility Standards which can be found here.

If you would like to view this webinar, you can do so here. Additionally, should you have any inquiries about acquiring skimming or physical security protection for your ATMs, please contact us at solutions@ftsius.com.

FTSI’s “3 for 30 Webinar Series” features 3 experts giving concise, actionable 10-minute presentations with Q&A sessions on a single theme. Keep an eye out for an invite to the next one in our series!

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