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FTSI Hosts Webinar: “360 Degree Overview of Your Banking Security”

FTSI has continued its “3 for 30 Webinar Series” with a new installment titled: “360 Degree Overview of Your Banking Security.” This webinar brought together 3 different security experts for one presentation packed with actionable information about the current threats to financial institutions and what steps to take to combat them.

This webinar focused on protecting ATMs in the digital and physical realms and featured DMP’s Jon Adams, Guardian Analytics’ Lorinda Garms, and FTSI’s Gerard Warren each addressing a range of topics.


This 360 Degree Overview of Your Banking Security Webinar covered:

  • The top digital security threats to financial
  • Key factors for branch security and audit
  • 10 Key physical security areas for branches
    and ATMS.

FTSI wants to help you protect your financial institution
from every possible threat from hackers online to criminals
placing skimmers on your ATMs. FTSI recommends that you
routinely inspect your security measures for effectiveness and strength against emerging threats.

If you would like to view this webinar, you can do so here. Additionally, should you have any inquiries about physical or digital security for your financial institution, please contact us at solutions@ftsius.com.

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