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FTSI Hosts NCR Webinar on EMV Readiness

The EMV chip is changing the face of card transaction security. But as with any widespread change, it comes with its own unique share of setbacks and user headaches. In an ongoing effort to keep our customers in the know, FTSI hosted an EMV Readiness webinar presented by Ron Maceri, NCR’s ATM Deployment Manager for US Hardware and Security.

"More than one-third (of banks) have EMV functionality turned off at all of their chip-capable ATMs” – ATM Industry Association Survey

With the liability cutoff dates of October 2016 for MasterCard and October 2017 for Visa looming large, Ron was able to layout the EMV landscape and explain some of the more frequently asked questions about the steps financial institutions need to take to meet those deadlines.


The EMV Readiness Webinar answered questions like:

  • What steps should I take to train my employees to be EMV ready?
  • How can I teach my customers not to damage the card readers or create “false reads?”
  • How can I audit my ATM fleet to ensure EMV hardware readiness?
  • What are the 3 Most Commonly Overlooked problems with switching to EMV?
  • How do I plan to meet the migration requirements and timelines?
  • Which host networks are best to test and complete migration?
  • What are my ADA responsibilities with EMV?

FTSI wants to help you make the transition to EMV an easy one and catch any snags before they affect your customers. If you would like to view this webinar, you can do so here.

Additionally, should you have any questions regarding how FTSI is preparing your machines for EMV, please contact your sales rep or one of our projects team members at projects@ftsius.com.

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