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Digital Identity Authentication & Why Financial Institutions Need It


Digital Identity Authentication id-go 2022 webinar


The demand for innovative solutions by financial institution consumers is getting stronger every day. Tapping to order products online, book healthcare appointments, and have food delivered is the consumer experience expectation today. Employee and consumer experiences suffer with repeated out-of-wallet questions that can be easily compromised in a frustrated service moment.  


Showing a driver’s license or passport is not possible in every channel. Even in-branch, asking valued consumers to produce a form of physical identification and answer a series of identification questions disconnects their experience. 


Digital authentication technology provides verification for consumers both online and in-person, skipping the repetitive identity questions and allowing financial institutions to really know their consumers and verify who they're serving.  


What is Digital Authentication? How Does it Work? 

Id-go is a digital authentication technology that allows consumers to enroll through a simple one-time process on their mobile phone, without any downloaded apps, passwords, or special programs required.  


The plug-and-play, app-less technology verifies user identity through a secure web portal, registering a cryptographic key on the user’s authenticated device. Every interaction can be verified with biometrics across any channel. 


After the short enrollment process, consumers have a secure and verified digital identity. Id-go integrates with a financial institution’s communication channels, so when a member contacts via phone, support chat, video teller, or in-person, their identification is already verified for staff to easily see. Id-go does the work, so staff no longer have to act like detectives.  


Similar to TSA pre-check, id-go provides a secure and simple way for consumers to bypass repetitive security questions and get right to the services and support they need.   


Benefits of Digital Authentication for Financial Institutions 

Providing consumers with a consistent, private, and portable way to verify their identity enhances the digital experience by putting an end to frustrating and repetitive sharing of personal information.  


No need to ask consumers for their social security number, first pet’s name, or second child’s favorite birthday cake flavor every time they require services.  


Digital identification authentication creates efficiencies, cutting down on call center times and in-person wait times, improving both user and member experience. Id-go streamlines the process of putting together a complete identity verification, authentication, and fraud prevention solution. 


A Cost-Effective & Secure Solution 

Id-go is the most comprehensive, cost-effective digital identity solution on the market. This technology comes with enhanced security features, and leverages AI/Machine Learning biometrics, cryptography, and encryption. 


Digital authentication also reduces fraud with real-time, biometric verification and lets everyone know that your financial institution takes its security seriously.  


Learn more about how id-go can elevate your member experience and keep your financial institution running smoothly by requesting our webinar on demand, "Goodbye Out-of-Wallet Questions, Hello Verified Calls."


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