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Deep Insert Skimming Attacks

Security Alert - Deep Insert Skimming v3

Advisory Warning:

FTSI has been notified of an increase in ATM skimming attacks even when anti-skimming technology is already installed on the ATMs. These attacks are focused on installing a Deep Insert Skimmer into the ATM card reader, along with a hidden pin-camera to record ATM users PIN codes in order to access customer account information. Installing a skimming device can be completed in one trip or over multiple days. 

  1. Criminals will first arrive at the ATMs to file down the card reader in order to make room to insert the Deep Insert Skimmer.
  2. Next, they will come back a second night to install the skimming device and the camera in the ATM.
  3. Criminals will return to the scene multiple times to replace the camera battery.

Recommendations and Guidance

Please be aware that these forms of attacks are an industry-wide issue and there are ways to safeguard your ATMs and protect your customers.

The best way to prevent this type of attack is to closely monitor your ATM activity. We recommend having branch management inspect each ATM every morning to look for signs of suspicious activity.

Check for filing marks around the card readers that will appear similar to the image below or any changes to the appearance of your ATMs. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please contact FTSI immediately and we will conduct a thorough security check on your ATM fleet.

Deep Skimming Insert Image 3

It is important to regularly review your security footage as well to inspect for any suspicious activity at your ATMs. We also recommend installing anti-skimming security on your ATM fleet if one is not already in place.


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