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Cornerstone Credit Union League’s Credit Union Resources Endorses FTSI as a Five-Star Preferred Partner

MONROVIA, CA (Oct. 19, 2017) – Credit Union Resources, the service corporation for the Cornerstone Credit Union League,Cornerstone.pdf has named Financial Technology Services International, Inc. (FTSI) as a five-star preferred partner.   A leading provider of turnkey branch solutions for credit unions for nearly 20 years, FTSI will now offer league members consultative services and an exclusive blend of cutting-edge financial products.

“FTSI was built with the goal of providing credit unions with the tools they need to best serve their members,” said FTSI CEO Susan Napier. “Credit Union Resources has that same goal for members of the Cornerstone Credit Union League and I can’t wait to start working together to achieve it.”

Based in Monrovia, Ca., FTSI’s branch transformation solutions include interactive tellers, cash recyclers, digital signage displays, mobile banking, and a range of banking software options. FTSI’s turnkey professional services assist with vault cash verification, and project management. FTSI is also a leading provider of ATM products and an Elite Partner with NCR, the world’s top ATM/ITM hardware and software manufacturer.

FTSI provides maintenance services across all of its product areas to ensure 24/7 functionality. Its first and second-line technicians take a proactive approach to maintenance that includes routine inspections and examinations to help catch problems before they start. The company’s service representatives boast industry-best response times, with all maintenance requests addressed in less than 1.5 hours on average. 

To learn more about FTSI, click here. To learn more about Credit Union Resources, please visit https://www.curesources.coop/index.aspx.

About Credit Union Resources

Credit Union Resources strives to be the leading provider of business solutions for the credit union community. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Cornerstone Credit Union League, Credit Union Resources is proud to serve as the service corporation for Cornerstone's member credit unions.

About FTSI

Financial Technology Solutions International (FTSI) is one of the largest independent providers of branch technology services for financial institutions in the nation. Connecting clients with financial industry technologies since 1998, FTSI offers a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge branch solutions including hardware, software, cash services, first and second-line maintenance, security solutions, and a range of consultative services.

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