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There has been an increasing frequency and spread of Logical Attacks in the United States. These attacks include Black Box and Malware type attacks, both of which are designed to “jackpot” the cash inside the ATM.

Recent media coverage has indicated that these attacks are now expanding in geography. The report cites FBI confirmation and some data on the frequency of these attacks. Click here to view the report. 

This should be treated by all ATM deployers as a call to action to take appropriate steps to protect their ATMs against these forms of attack and mitigate any consequences.

Specific Guidance and Recommendations: 

The most common forms of logical attack against ATMs are "Black Box" and "Offline Malware.”

  • Configuring Dispenser Protection on your NCR ATMs to Level 3, and ensuring that the dispenser’s driver software is patched with the latest updates, are important protections to mitigate the impact of Black Box attacks.
  • Protections for Offline Malware include deploying NCR Secure Hard Drive Encryption and/or locking the ATM BIOS configuration and protecting the configuration with a password. This can be enabled by using NCR Secure Remote BIOS Update.
  • Further protection from Online Malware attacks can be achieved by deploying a whitelisting solution such as NCR Solidcore Suite for APTRA.

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