FTSI Connect Symposium: Innovation in Today's Regulatory Environment -- December 7

What would you ask the CFPB? Join us on December 7 for a chance to ask your burning questions regarding regulatory changes for credit unions and community banks.

FTSI is hosting Gary Stein of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) on December 7 for an informative presentation on today's regulatory environment. Innovation is critical as retail financial services providers look to better connect with customers and meet their needs in today's competitive marketplace. In looking at new ways to achieve this goal, your organization must find the right balance between risk and reward, particularly in light of new and evolving regulatory changes. In this session, you'll hear insights from the CFPB that will help you to better work with this organization to find the balance you need as you look to create new opportunities to drive results and customer value.

Following the presentation will be a panel discussion on navigating innovation in 2012 and beyond. Hear from notable financial institution CEOs and executives on what tactics they are using to drive innovation at their organizations. What are the biggest challenges? How are they succeeding?


Have a question for the CFPB? Email us your questions and to learn how to register for this event!

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