Check out FTSI’s Article on Jaws & Branch Transformation in CU Journal

Think Spielberg’s killer shark movie Jaws and branch transformation don’t go together? Think again. CU Journal, one of the foremost trade journals in the ATM industry, selected FTSI’s branch transformation piece for a recent issue.

jaws cu journal

In this article, “You’re Going to Need a Better Boat: ‘Jaws’ on Branch Transformation,” you’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare for your branch’s future rather than just tread water
  • Leverage new technology to stay ahead of hungry competitors
  • Hunt new customers and keep the ones you catch

FTSI has proven itself as a leader in branch transformation and the industry agrees. Keep an eye on our blogs and social media posts for the latest updates on this and other industry trends!


Read the article on CU Journal: You’re Going to Need a Better Boat: ‘Jaws’ on Branch Transformation

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