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Check out FTSI’s Article in CU Weekly on “Building a Better Webinar”

Webinars first gained popularity as a cheap and quick way to coordinate business groups spread out across the globe. However, they soon became synonymous with droning speakers putting audiences to sleep across the globe.

Read the article: Building a Better Webinar


FTSI asks, “What if there was a way to save the webinar?” 

In this article that appeared in CU Weekly, we give you some expert tips on how to rebrand your webinars into something that people will run to and not from.

In, “Building a Better Webinar,” you’ll learn:

  • How to craft a title that will hook a larger audience
  • The secret to building buzz around your presentation
  • The blueprint for packing more into your webinar in a shorter time

It’s FTSI’s goal to give you the tips and skills to keep you competitive. Keep an eye on our blogs and social media posts for more tips!

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