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Are You Safe from the Latest “WannaCry” Ransomware?




The ransomware virus known as “WannaCry has been ripping through the internet claiming over 200,000 victims in 150 countries. The virus holds business and personal data hostage by infecting computers with malware and then encrypting the data stored on it, effectively locking the owners out, unless a ransom is paid to specific Bitcoin accounts. This poses a significant risk to ATMs.

Security personnel at FTSI want to clarify the following about our related security measures:

  1. All of FTSI’s systems have the latest patches installed
  2. FTSI has not used Windows XP in over 4 years
  3. FTSI maintains redundant backups on all of our systems

McAfee has informed us that when Solidcore for APTRA or Solidcore Suite for APTRA is enabled it will block any hash values that are not white-listed. This will prevent this attack from being successful.

FTSI wants you to avoid becoming a victim of these attacks. You should never open a suspicious email - especially one with a .zip file as those are being used to transmit the virus. It only takes one careless colleague opening an infected attachment to expose your entire network to a potentially crippling virus.    

Although FTSI is not responsible for customer system updates and security outside of NCR software, we do encourage your IT personnel to apply the Microsoft MS17-010 security patch immediately if you are a Windows 7 user. Security updates for a range of Windows OS are available by clicking here.

If you need further information on these or other attacks and what you can do to protect yourself, please contact us today at


Michael D. Winn

Chief Information Officer

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