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3 Ways Directional Sound Enhances the ITM Experience

Interactive Teller Technology has revolutionized the way banks and credit unions interact with consumers. With the advancement of the self-service solution and remote teller option, financial institutions transport their branches into the future and expand their footprint at reduced costs while extending service hours.

With constant fear of security breaches and account hacking, personal banking protection remains a major factor in ITM deployment. Even with the growing evidence of success with ITM implementation, financial institutions are seeking enhancements to their branches in an effort to provide more privacy and security for consumers.  Read more about protecting your ATM/ITM fleet with advanced security options here.

Now financial institutions can create a more secure, cost-effective enhanced experience for ITM users by installing directional speakers. These innovative, uniquely engineered speakers create immersive audio zones isolated to a specific region or person for enhanced privacy and consumer engagement.

Below are the top benefits of adding directional speakers to ITMs to improve the consumer engagement.




1. Improved Consumer Privacy


2. Increased Content Retention


3. ITM Engagement Growth


hypersound_speaker_011. Improved Consumer Privacy

Living in an era of constant fear of data theft has left many consumers cautious about using the enhanced video teller features of ITMs. Although the video and self-service collaboration connect consumers and tellers in a remote yet personal approach, the fear of account information being overheard and stolen remains a major concern for some users.

Similar to an the functionality of iPhone privacy screens, which keeps the phone screen unreadable from either side with advanced filter technology, directional speakers block sound from reaching the ears of bystanders by creating personal audio zones that emit sound to a single user.

Hypersound HSS 3000 directional speakers release ultrasonic beams of sound to a targeted specific area, like a flashlight creating a beam of light in a specific direction. These sound beams create a privacy zone for ITM users by focusing the sound in a designated direction and eliminating noise pollution in any space except for directly in front or under the Hypersound speaker.


2. Increased Content Retention

Creating a personal sound dome with directional speakers has the ability to eliminate noise pollution, and increase attention and focus on the audio content. The creators of the Hypersound directional speakers have reported a 93% content retention rate for retail customers who experienced use of directional speakers during their experiences with directional speakers.

The vivid audio experience created with the personalized sound zones of the directional speakers, help banks and credit unions to inform their consumers in a high-quality approach that creates a lasting impression. Teller to consumer communication at the ITMs can become a more personal and private conversation as sound bleed and noise pollution are diminished with directional speakers, increasing message retention and creating a more positive interaction.



3. ITM Engagement Growth

ITM Image 8

According to data collected by the creators of Hypersound speakers, regarding consumer behavior after experiencing the use of directional speakers, they have reported that these speakers create,

"a vivid audio experience that helps retailers inform customers while creating emotional ties between them and the brand, motivating purchasing behavior.”

A high-quality experience is critical for attracting and retaining consumers, and creating a positive and engaging experience can lead to increased revenue for financial institutions. The sleek and flat design offers easy integration and installation with multiple mounting options available, while increased security and audio content retention create a long-lasting, positive interaction for consumers and a cost-effective way to increase ITM use.


Contact FTSI to learn how you can enhance the ITM experience at your branches with directional speakers.


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